Water Quality Commission

If you plan to submit an application please send an e-mail to john.wills@ia.nacdnet.net

FY 2016 Commissioners Handbook

FY 2016 Water Quality Commissioners

Dickinson County
Bill Leupold
Darryl Halling
Mardi Allen

Arnolds Park
Mitch Waters
Greg Drees

Lake Park
Herb Stewart

Eric Stoll
Mel Berryhill

Jane Shuttleworth
Jerry Robinson

Carleton Mitchell

Spirit Lake
John Chappas
Clyde Ihrke

Kevin Swalve

Darrell Woods Jr.

Brad Jones
 Harold Prior

West Okoboji
Mike Paxton

2015 Meeting Minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes

More information:

The Water Quality Commission (WQC) was established in 2001 to provide a steady funding source – using local money as a match to state and federal revenues – for water quality projects for lakes in Dickinson County. This one-of-a-kind organization in the state is comprised of 18 commissioners who represent the county and its ten municipalities. Among the many objectives of the WQC are: To bring a minimum of $3 in federal, state and private matching funds to every $1 administered by the WQC and provide an outlet for individuals and organizations in the Dickinson County communities that are looking for money to improve water quality.

In its first year of operation in 2001, the WQC had a pool of $100,000 to grant to water quality projects to improve lakes in Dickinson County. In each subsequent year, the WQC has administered $200,000 in water quality projects.

The 28-E agreement that created the WQC automatically renews every two years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tax money required to be paid from a specific part of a county of city budget?

The funds that support the Water Quality Commission (WQC) can come from any source of funds that the municipality or county chooses. This could be property taxes, drinking water assessments, general funds etc. There is not one specific fund that any municipality needs to provide the funding from; that is left up to each entity. The only restriction is with county funds, which cannot come from general funds, they must come from the rural services. This prevents people who live in the municipalities from paying into the Commission twice.

Does the Water Quality Commission (WQC) fund multiple year projects?

No, the Water Quality Commission does not.  In the past the WQC has attempted to fund two or three year projects and management of these funds has been difficult. Many concerns have prompted the WQC to not allow funding beyond one year at a time.  This does not prevent the applicant to come back consecutive years for the same project. This has been done successfully by many organizations.

How does a Commissioner get selected?

Commissioners are appointed by a municipality to represent them. The number of positions currently held by each member of the 28-E agreement was determined on taxable evaluation back in 2000.

Does the Water Quality Commission have staff?

No. The Water Quality Commission has an agreement with the Dickinson County Soil and Water Conservation District to administer the program. Currently the Dickinson County Soil and Water Quality District has the Clean Water Alliance Coordinator administer this program for them.