How are water quality and agriculture tied together?

This fantastic new documentary explores how water quality and agriculture are connected… in Iowa and downstream.  The filmmaker is Erica Blair, a University of Iowa BFA student who just graduated. It features interviews with Rick Cruse at the Iowa Water Center at Iowa State University and Jerry Peckumn who is on our board and is president of Iowa Rivers Revival, as well as Matt Rota, one of our friends at the Gulf Restoration Network: United for a healthy Gulf of Mexico.

IOWATER Watershed Sampling for Dickinson County

Below see the the IOWATER Watershed Sampling Report for Dickinson County for the years 2003 to 2008.  The samples come from volunteers who monitor select sites on our Dickinson County water bodies.  These monitoring sites were selected to provide the best data that tells us the overall quality of our water.  The volunteers are dedicated and a great deal of thanks goes out to all who have helped in this endeavor. 


Silver Lake Watershed Management Plan

Silver Lake Watershed Management Plan 

This Assessment and Management Plan Executive Summary shows the water quality problems and possible methods to improve the water quality of Silver Lake in Dickinson County. This plan is easily viewed and printed from most computers.