Welcome to the Clean Water Alliance website


The Clean Water Allaince (CWA) is the messenger of the clean water activities to the people of Dickinson County.  The CWA seeks to communicate to the public through various methods about clean water.


The CWA educates the people of Dickinson County and it’s visitors about clean water issues and associated projects through public seminars and education opportunities.


The CWA coordinates clean water objectives and unites members to solve common concerns.  The CWA coordinator will allow partnerships to work together by defining similar goals among member groups and guiding them to cooperative water quality projects.


The CWA will lead the way in guiding members to all potential funding sources for clean water projects. The CWA coordinator will assist project partnerships in grant writing and in seeking matching money sources for clean water efforts.  The CWA coordinator will also assist the Dickinson County Water Quality Commission in its annual application process for clean water projects within the regional watersheds.